I am currently writing a fantasy story called Trident. It is about five legendary people created the Trident to save the people of Precia from a giant beast coming from the forest. The five legendary people were called the Forebears. Their children are referred to as the Descendants. And so are their children and their children’s children and so on. The Followers, the people who believe in the Forebears, are split into six factions. Each one believes in a certain Forebear mostly, except the faction that believes in following them all equally. The only thing left to mention is the last group. They are the Progeny. They are completely against the Forebears and do not believe that the Followers should spend their whole life following completely average people. Nobody really knows where the Progeny are situated because nobody can catch them. Yet there are theories of them living somewhere in Tridentia, the capital of Precia.