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7th Grade

Well, I have started seventh grade now. So far my teachers seem nice and I have a feeling my grades could be a lot better this year than last year. Last year I had a lot of organizational problems but now I have a “Homework Plan” to help me get better grades. Basically, I check the website every day to make sure I copied down all of the right homework. Then, sometimes, I use a timer to speed myself up. I used to be really slow but after I tried the timer I can do it pretty fast without a timer. You have no idea how¬†grateful¬†I am to be organized.


New Page

I have created a new page. It is my Zelda: Twilight Princess fanfic. This will contain spoilers so please only read this after you have beaten, or seen someone else beat, Twilight Princess. I will upload it little by little. In fact, I think I’ll go write some more right now.


This is the first post on this website. You might know me from some of my other websites or perhaps from real life. I go by either Boring Office Guy (common) or Ace (rare). On this website you can refer to me as Ace because the character of Boring Office Guy is a fictional character and this is the real me. Thus the name, Thanks for visiting. Explore the website!